The year is finally over. I have found a creative flow again. Things feel calm, but ready to surf the wave if need be.

I find myself feeling more and more grateful for the beautiful people in my life – old and new.

Today, I spent some time in the snow with my Mini, then indoors, doing artwork. We decided to work on things on our own today. Sometimes we collaborate on little projects. She fully supported me on this solo work in progress. Even glued my slivered moon. She is my heart.


A little tribute to me, and to the beautiful Fontella Bass who passed away on December 26th, 2012.

Giving Thanks!



I’ve been inspired by some of the latest jewellery trends involving back to basics/traditional types of spikes, bones, and daggers, trade beads and findings. 

Although I love bold colours, I also love mixing metals – gold and silver, gunmetal with copper, silver and brass. I had some ideas floating around in my head – so I decided to listen to Fiona Apple’s Every Single Night (the original and the Melo-X mix) on repeat, and work on these pieces.




I love what my friend Jessica wrote about theses earrings on my Facebook page.
Oooooo!!! This is a different avenue…perfect jewelry the the gal embracing her inner warrior. “at dawn we ride!”
– m

I just made myself a pair of really simple, dangly, sugar skull earrings. I bought the charms at the place where I spend most of my cash in my community – The Beau & Bauble. So many good, unique and fun finds for young ones and adults. You can find everything from these cute charms, quirky lamps, to funky dresses for women. I always get lost in a bit of  fantasy world when I am there. You must visit to understand what I mean.

I’m actually surprised I haven’t posted anything about The Beau & Bauble until now! I believe it deserves a longer, more detailed post with photos and some words from the owner, Kate. I will try to make that happen. Stay tuned!


Just a short post about a few pieces I did for September weddings.

A beautiful Bridesmaid in turquoise and brown.


A Tibetan wedding

An Aunt’s pearls and Tibetan coral, a sister-in-law’s love. It was truly an honour to work on these pieces.



from the garden


A few posts ago, I mentioned that my friends and I had a sale in my backyard. I found some photos from the day. Enjoy.

Michelle’s hand dyed scarves

Shanelle Smith Designs

ione’s dream charm necklaces

one of my neighbours

Bilbo. He’s the snake’s roommate.

thanks for looking,


I finally watched the award winning web series, Mis-Adventures of Awkward Black Girl last night. I stayed up late. I cried long tears – it was that funny.  I tried to stifle my cackles and wheezes as best as I could, so my Mini Me wouldn’t be startled awake at 3 a.m.  I got through episodes 1-7 and now I’m paying for it with the heaviest of eyes.

So here’s my Awkward Black Girl moment. Episode 6, the first 52 seconds (turn down the volume, NSFW) check out the earrings:

I did a rewind, a few times, to see if those babies were mine (insert Ce Ce’s beatbox here).

Do you see what I mean? I had a moment of excitement, wondering if Issa Rae actually purchased my jewellery online! Then I saw these:
Not mine. Awkward.
Since we know that everything is on the internet, I did a quick and easy Google search this morning and found out that a designer by the name of Sharmay Mitchell created these funky fabric pieces. Sharmay is from the U.K. You can find her handmade jewellery at YouLike IMake. 
I love.
– michelle



It has certainly been a while since I posted.

I can write a million excuses – some legitimate, some pretty lame – but I won’t!

This summer has been quiet on the jewellery making/selling front. I did manage to have one lovely, and productive garden party sale with my friends Shanelle (Shanelle Smith Designs) and Michelle S. (she’s crafty! – hand dyed scarves).

Other than that, I’ve been taking it easy, taking some time to focus on me and my legitimate excuses, and my full-time job as a Social Worker/Therapist. I love my full-time job, but at the end of the day, creativity is trumped by taking care of my little one and overall tiredness. On the other hand, I realize that being creative is my pathway to balance and contentment.

Here are some colourful pieces that were a hit during the garden sale and with my co-workers – who I can always count on for easy, breezy sales and promotion. They wear my jewellery so well! I am grateful.

My goal is to get back on track with the monthly posts. Please stay tuned

– michelle

taking care.


This post has nothing to do with jewellery. I have been battling weird skin breakouts since the end of last year. I know for sure that it is stress related and perhaps, detox related. Out with the old, in with the new.  Unfortunately my face has been the exit point for things unwanted.

I came across Kirsten Ma’s blog, Holistic Vanity sometime last year. I was fascinated by the ideas she shared about Ayurvedic skin care.  Feeling stressed and bummed out, Ayurvedic therapies, and all natural solutions really spoke to me.

I did my research and decided to ask Kristen a few questions online. I learned that my skin was congested, dehydrated and needed oil. What a concept! Oily skin produces oil because it’s starving for moisture – so hydrate, and give it MORE oil. It makes so much sense now.  Kirsten recommended organic extra virgin coconut oil, as it has great properties for fighting acne, and jojoba oil because it is very much like our own sebum.  The great thing about Kirsten’s advice, is that if you are on a tight budget, these oils are pretty cheap because a bottle will go a really long way.

Kirsten, along with her mother, are the owners of Pure + Simple Spa a wonderful, all natural, calming space to get amazing facials, natural skin care products, and oils.

I’ve made a point of making Pure + Simple a priority on my “take care of myself” list. The skin treatments are so much more, in that I also get a lovely arm, décolletage and leg, and scalp massage during my session.  I had a really brief nap during my last visit. Amazing.

*I also had bees following me around like I was a flower. I smelled that fresh.*

Here are my favourite products from Pure + Simple.

This Black Mud Cream by Martina Gebhardt is 100% natural, rich, and it feels amazing on dehyrdrated skin. It also smells lovely.

I don’t do scrubs, as they irritate my skin. Lactic Acid Plus gently exfoliates. I use it a few times a week. A perfect solution for me.

I have never been a fan of foundation, but I was sold on Pure + Simple’s Flawless Complexion foundation – in fudge. It can be used as a tint or layered for more coverage. If your skin is dry or dehydrated, then this will keep your face dewy and moisturized.

If you are looking for all natural skin solutions, check out Kirsten Ma’s Blog, Holistic Vanity for information on Ayurvedic and all natural skin care, from the inside out.


Mama Africa.


A few months back, I had the honour of being selected for Tea on Tuesdays treasury on Etsy.

It was appropriately titled “Mama Africa – Oh How She Shines.” My Green Monarch Fabric Button Earrings were featured, along with other talented sellers who use African fabrics or themed crafts. I fell in love with these lovely fabric hoops from seller, Quelly Rue Designs.

So I bought myself a pair!

Here I am wearing them at Afrofest in July.

I always love supporting fellow Etsy crafters!


I have completed neglected this blog. Many of you know, I have a 365 photo blog as well, I work 3 days a week, I make jewellery for and for Ransack the Universe, and for friends and co-workers who are constantly supporting what I do!

I’ve crashed a bit since the holidays. My liver is congested, my face is breaking out like crazy, and I’ve started to feel tired for the first time this season.  What a complete digression away from a jewellery post about displaying your lovely pieces! DOWNER!!!

So let’s get back to business here – light, indulgent, pretty accessory business.

I LOVE Karla from Karla’s Closet. Not only is she HOT and stylish, she’s got a great eye for accessory displays.  Here is a shot of Karla’s funky jewels on display:

This got me thinking about jewellery displays. I adore this wooden hand Karla uses to store and display her rings and chains.  You can be assured that I spent endless amounts of time online looking for something similar. I still haven’t found anything I love.

I took a look in our bedroom.  I have jewellery everywhere: on my mirror, on our iron headboard, on my nightstand. I definitely do it on purpose, because I do love the look of bright colours, and shiny things around my room.  Here’s a peak at how I display my pieces and decorate with jewellery.

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